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Here are some products that i use to create my recipes!

  1. Spatula:

Spatula is your best friend. whether or not you are a frequent cook or you just hang around in the kitchen, having a good spatula will always be handy.

2. Glass mixing bowl:

Having a good, deep and large bowl is mandatory for mixing while baking. also, it’s better if the glass is high quality so that is suitable for using over high heat such as in bain marie.

3. Whisk

With a good whisk, you can mix faster, and most importantly, create air bubbles as needed. these whisks are 3 sizes and suitable for different bowl sizes:

3. Molds and pans

When you bake a lot of cakes, you will need good pans in different sizes, too. here are some of my favorite cake pans:

4. Offset spatula

Your best friend for sharp edges on cake decorating and smooth surfaces.

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