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5 Beautiful Easy Cake Decoration Ideas

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Want to decorate a cake but have no idea what style to use? here are 5 amazing cake decoration ideas to use for your next cake. they are super east, without any special equipment needed.

Before everything:

Before trying to decorate the cake, there are some steps to do:

  • Make sure the cake has completely cooled down.
  • Chill the cake for about 1 hour in fridge or 15 minutes in freezer, therefore the the cake is firm and cold enough.
  • Chilling the cake is very important, since it prevents the icing from melting and less crumbling.
  • Four double layered cakes, try to use a ruler for same size layers.
  • You can add the middle filling of the cake before chilling, and then put it in the fridge.

1- Go all naked

Naked cakes are beautiful on their own. they have a rustic look and are great for quick decorations. fill the middle of cake, using a round or star shaped piping tip, or just by cutting the end of a plastic bag. add fruits, candies or any other filling that you like for the surprise cut.

Add some more of the frosting on top, design it with flowers or any kind of candy.

2- Simple Frosting With Flavors or Fruits on top

Well it couldn’t get any easier! just follow the top steps for frosting the cake on top specially chilling. then, using an off-set spatula cover the whole cake in frosting and top the round with flavors, fruits or candy. this decoration is great for birthdays or holidays, too.

3- Use Chocolate shaves and nuts

For a classy and professional look, shave some high quality chocolate such as Sephra gourmet chocolates for an outstanding flavor and look. then top it with some shaved nuts, and sift cocoa powder or powdered sugar on the middle of cake for the finishing touches.

4- Dust coating

Crack some biscuits or crackers, frost the cake with a thin layer, then toss and press the powdered crackers into the whole cake. you could also use it on the fillings, too.

5- Add paterns

Use a fork, back of a spoon or a knife to add some patterns to your simply frosted cake. as simple as it seems, its really beautiful. it should have to be perfect, the random and rustic looking patterns are a part of its beauty.

have you ever tried ant of this designs? let me know on the comments!

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