20 easy healthy smoothie recipe for weight loss
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10 Super Healthy Smoothie Recipes For Weight Loss

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Need some quick and easy yet delicious recipes for smoothies? These smoothies are rich and tasty, but also low in calorie and great for weight loss. check out these 10 smoothies:

I made a lot of smoothies during a week, i carry them with me in a flask so that i can drink them everywhere. a good, fresh healthy smoothie is tasty and guilt free at the same time. all you need is your favorite fruit, vegetables or nuts. and for the liquid, try using your desired milk or yogurt.

Since the fruits are already fresh, i don’t like to add any extra sweetener. but if you like, add your proffered calorie free sugar.

1- Apricot, carrots, ginger and rosemary

This combination is so refreshing. the ginger gives a nice tang to it. also, the ginger will help to increase your metabolism rate.

2- Minty strawberry

The frozen strawberries and fresh mint with a dash of lemon zest are the best combination for hot days.

3- Black berry vanilla

Use frozen blackberries, milk or low calorie vanilla ice cream.

4-Tropical fresh

Go wild with this smoothie! try pineapple, mixed berries, banana and a little orange juice for extreme freshness.

Want to make your own smoothie? checkout my favorite items:

5. Green world

Use all green goods: cucumber, kale or spinach, and green apples. you can add a little lemon juice for more tang.

6. Coconut vanilla

Use fresh coconut, almond milk, almonds or cashews, vanilla extract, coconut cream and the heaven is there for you!

7. Peachy mango

Use fresh peach, apricot, a dash of lemon juice, some fresh mint, and mango for this rich smoothie.

8- Broccoli smoothie

Add some broccoli, celery, kale and spinach along with water and ice if you like more richness.

9- Tangy Cranberries

use fresh cranberries, lemon juice, orange juice and ice.

10- All Berries

i love the last one is my all time favorite smoothie! add frozen black berry, strawberry, raspberry, milk and a little honey or lemon zest if you like it sour or sweet!

Did you like these recipes? have you tried any of them? what type of smoothies do you like the most? let me know in the comments bellow!

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